Grey’s Anatomy, I Got Sucked In! Obsessed!


So I got sucked in to watching Grey’s Anatomy and now I am obsessed with this darn show! I just started last week and I am on season 4 already. I already love the fact that its based in Seattle. Seattle is one of my favorite city and the home of my Seahawks! Woo! Who else love this show? Don’t you hate it when you want to continue watching but you have work the next morning at 8 a.m. in the morning and still continue to watch it anyways till 4 or 5 a.m. That’s how you know you are addicted. The show just keeps getting better and better, I can’t stop. Help! >_< I love all the characters so far and have a love hate relationship with each and everyone of them. I already built a connection with each character. Who’s you’re favorite character? But please, no spoilers. I will soon catch up with everyone and will probably start another show. I blame this all on Netflix for having all these amazing shows. Great job Netflix. 😀 I just want to rant and share how I am obsessed with this show. I think tonight is already going to be a sleepless night because its already 12 a.m.

Good night!


Incredible Places That Should Be In Your Bucket Lists

I was on Facebook and I came upon a post from a youtube beauty guru “ItsJudyTime” and she posted an article that listed 22 incredible places that you wouldn’t even think its here on this earth. Can I say, “OMG” its so beautiful and amazing! I want to go to all those places. It looks so amazing and incredible. It has got me thinking that I want to be able to travel around the world and go and see incredible and amazing places. I want to be considered as a traveller because by 25 years old so far I have been to 8 different countries. It all started when I was amazed by the world when I took a vacation to Thailand and Laos at the age of 12. I was one of those kids who stayed in the city you live and my family never really travel so when I got the chance to go to Laos and Thailand I was ecstatic! This is where it all began and my adventures started. I want to add more to my list of places to visit. Hopefully I get travel again soon because I love it and I love everything about it. I made my top 10 bucket lists but I think now I want to add more to it! 😀 I will do a post on my bucket lists another time. For now enjoy these beautiful photos! 

Check out this website:

And here is some of the pictures from that website that I absolutely love!

Tulip Fields, Netherlands



Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia



Bamboo Forest, Japan



Wisteria Flower Tunnel, Japan


Tianzi Mountains, China


Mount Roraima, South America



Where would you go? Where have you already been? What’s on your bucket list? 

OSCARS 2014…..Emotional…..Happy…..

Let’s talk about the Oscars Award for a little bit. How amazing was everyone outfits?!? They all looked stunning and handsome. So many great films! Also, is anyone like me and get all emotional from the speeches and tributes to those with great achievements. I literally get all teary-eyed when they starts tearing or crying. It’s all tears of joy! 😀 Everyone who won tonight all deserved it.

Some of my favorite moments was when “Let It Go” won Best Original Song. Jared Leto winning the Best Actor in Supporting Role, my goodness his speech got to me. I couldn’t hold it and cried. One of my favorite speech has to be Lupita Nyongo for winning the Best Actress in Supporting Role. I’m disappointed that Leonardo Dicaprio didn’t win, but I believe that Matthew McConaughey well deserved it. The memoriam to those that have passed away and when it showed Paul Walker made me miss him dearly. I cannot wait for Fast & the Furious 7 to come out.  Overall, I was not bored watching the Oscars at all. Were you bored? Or did you enjoyed it as much as I did? I was entertained throughout the award. The performance were incredible. Well, that’s my 2 cent on the Oscars. I hope everyone enjoy it as much as I did.

My favorite! I love selfies! This was by far the best selfie out there! 😀


Good night!

Last Week in Thailand & Korea

Hello Everyone!

I’m sorry I haven’t been updating in awhile. I have been lagging the past couple of weeks because I just came back from Korea just about 2-3 weeks ago. Korea was amazing! I love it there so much! I want to return. 5 days wasn’t enough, it needs to be longer. If I have another chance to study abroad again my next choice would definitely be South Korea! Seoul was a great city! I love it there. We went to many palaces in Seoul and many great tourist areas such as Myeong-dong, Lotte World shopping area, Hongdae, Hongik University, and Namdaemun market area. We also went to Nami Island which was very beautiful and romantic. Too we didn’t have boyfriends otherwise it would have been perfect! LOL. The last night we went to the Hans river. It was beautiful. Very peaceful. I have to say that Seoul or Korea is a very lovey dovey country/city. Its like the land of LOVE! Haha. But all in all I enjoy Korea with the all the great foods and shopping stalls, booths, and shops. Its definitely a busy place. For me, I like it when its a fast pace environment so no complaining to me. But overall my trip and studying abroad has been a great experience. I would never in a million years regret this. As for now, I believe that those past 6 months has been the best part of my life ever!

So true! LOL. Just so many! 😀







Anyways, my last week in Thailand has to be the saddest week ever. I even almost cried during the movies when I came to a realization that this will be my last cheap movie and last day in Thailand. *Tears* For the last few weeks we went to all the markets and malls that we know we will definitely be missing once we get back to the states. We also went to all of our favorite restaurant in Rangsit, Pathum Thani so that we can get all the memories we can soak in. I know that I got to see all the people I wanted to see before I left. ^_^ It was a great sight to see. 🙂 Its even sad last to leave my second real home. The people or the staffs at Muang Ake mansion are the most sweetest people ever! They are so helpful when we needed a place to stay. I recommend to who ever is going to study abroad in Thailand and with the USAC program you guys must go stay and rent an apartment at the Muang Ake Mansion. Staffs are nice and rent is cheap comparing to where we are leaving now. Its a big room and bathroom is only about $300 for rent, plus internet, water, and electricity! And if you have a roommate even better! Split it! 🙂 There’s a tip for everyone! Its close by to school you can take a taxi if you’re lazy to walk its a 34 baht ride or take the free van shuttle that goes every 15 min – 30 min its right in front of your building so you will never miss it!











This is where we are living.

Okay, that’s all for now. I know I still haven’t updated to all the places I went but everyone can check out my pictures and video section if you want to see all the places I have been to and have done while studying abroad in Thailand! I am very thankful this opportunity and I hope that if anyone has a chance and opportunity like I did that was given by the USAC and the Gilman Scholarship should most definitely take it! Its an opportunity of a life time and the best experiences you can ever get it! GOOD LUCK to who ever is going to study abroad this upcoming semester and to whom is ever thinking and deciding upon it you can email me or social network me and I am more than welcome to help you guys out! 🙂

I ♥ THAILAND with all my heart! 😀


I’m leaving Thailand!

I’m leaving.
Saying my last goodbye to Thailand.
To a country that has been nothing but a joy to me.
The country that no matter where I go, I want to return to.
Saying my last goodbye to nice people.
Saying my last goodbye to the smiling people.
Saying my last goodbye to the amazing people I met.
Saying my last goodbye to the Ajarn’s (professors) and staffs.
Saying my last goodbye to my fellow classmates whether its the Thai students or the USAC students.
Its been a great pleasure meeting everyone.
Each and everyone will have a place in my heart.
Everything and everyone has been a great memory.
Whether its…
The difficulties of understanding each others languages
The first time meeting my fellow Thai students in class.
The first time meeting my fellow USAC students in class.
The first time taking Thai Language which has been one the easiest class I have ever taken without studying or memorizing a thing.
The first time forcefully to be a representative of my nationality in International Day. 🙂
The first time representing my culture without the cultural main dishes.
Let’s have club sandwiches and fruit salad! It was a great success!
Surprise by how much Thai people love fruits with whipped cream. 🙂
The first time I celebrated Songkran Festival in Thailand.
The first time I was sung Happy Birthday to by the whole class).
The unorganized group projects that we never met up. 😀
The unprepared presentations.
The fun school trips.
The nonsense class trips.
The goofiness in class.
The laughters.
The giggles.
The shyness.
The secret smiles 🙂
My many events attendants.
The many cheap things that also made me become cheap.
The many stares I give my friends when I spot a cute guy. 🙂
My understanding but cannot speak the language.
Having others in confusion when someone speaks in Thai and I reply in English.
This will forever be a memory of mines.
I am leaving my home. My actual real own home!
Bye bye Thailand! Until next time!


School has ended! HAPPY, SAD, TEARS, and FAREWELLS

So school has ended about two weeks ago! Tears! Final exams were hectic much of studying and cramming. After all that was over it was sad to see everyone leave one by one. We’ve done many laughters and exploring with the USAC students that I’m going to miss. It was nice meeting all the foreign exchange and USAC students and hope that everyone will have or had a safe flight back home or traveling around Asia! Many of us shed tears to who we became close to and has to say goodbye too but we will all meet again later. Like it has been said, “Its not a goodbye, its a see you later! 🙂 It has been a good semester here in Thailand. I met many new friends and became close to some. Rangsit University is a good university and I enjoy going to school. Many nice people. I have did lots of learning from some classes and some classes, I’ve learned nothing but I still enjoy attending it. 🙂 If any of you have any questions and want to comment on studying abroad and scholarship or financial expenses please do so! I would love to help and its part of my job now! 🙂 I have updated my pages with many websites and informations from the websites that you guys can take a look into if you are interested in studying abroad in a different country. Please take a look if your interested APPLY! APPLY! APPLY! For both the program and the scholarship and grants. Once again I got into the USAC program and is a recipient of the Gilman Scholarship. I was able to get help from the Gilman Scholarship and the grants from financial aid. If you want a one on one talk about studying abroad, I do recommend going in to see the international office advisor at your home university. Trust me, they are a big help and they will find every way so that you can get everything situated. So far, from all the USAC students that I have talked to has said that their study abroad advisor has been a big help. Because of that we keep them up to date by emailing them and we buy them presents from here to thank them for their generosity and help before we leave to study abroad. So any questions please ask! 🙂 Alright, that was a short update and goodbye my to my fellow study abroad students! Also, this a good luck for the next USAC students or whom ever wants to study abroad!

Me getting ready for my final exams in my school uniform! 🙂
Rangsit uniform

Aww…..our last group picture together! I miss them already! It was a tearing day. :/
Last day!


RIC’s school trips, events, volunteer! Yay USAC!

Hello once again!

Now I’m here to talk about where RIC has taken us during our time in school. RIC has taken us to many places and I enjoy all the trips that I have gone to with RIC. Its was very educational, but also eye opening at the same time. When we got here about a couple weeks later we went on a Bangkok tour to the Grand Palace, Emerald Buddha and the Vimanmek Mansion. All of this had to do with the Thai King’s. Everything that I’ve looks amazing. Then our second trip was to Ayutthaya. I thought that this was very interesting because it felt like we were really there at that period of time because everything looks very ancient and all we saw was the ruins of Ayutthaya. I find it amazing that everything is still here till this day even though it had happen hundreds or thousands of years ago. This is where they also shot the movie Mortal Combat. It has a nice feel to it knowing that you are stepping on a ground that a very famous movie was film at or to just even stand that use be called a kingdom before. The weekend after that we took a 3 days and 2 night trip to Chiang Mai. We went to many places in Chiang Mai. I’m glad that they took us there because we were able to go to so many places and do many things. We actually got to go up to the Hmong villages in Chiang Mai which got me excited. I was got to waii the buddha. We got to see the waterfall and do rafting along the river and much more. So by far I had lots of fun at that trip the most from the other trips that RIC have taken us to. Then the last trip was the Nakhon Nayok for the end of the semester. It was camping we had to share one cabin with 20 girls. It was fun! I LOVE THAT TRIP THE MOST! It was something so different! We got to do ice breakers. This trip was with other Thai students and we had to work together. I enjoy this trip so much. We did lots of different courses around the site and try to have the best score. I did the zipper falling, rock climbing, and many more activities. I think our group was awesome! We all worked together to help each other get to our goal. I always wanted to do this kind of thing and activities because I find that Thai college students really have everyone interact with each other so we can break the ice. We also did water rafting which was awesome! I had so much fun! There was so much laughter, smiles, and screaming going on that it brought everyone to an excitement. Overall, I’m glad that I went on this trip. I did not regret it at all. These were all the trips that is provided by RIC and is already been paid for through USAC the ones that has to pay are the ones that are not in the program so consider yourself lucky if you are in the USAC program. 🙂 I have pictures up for the Bangkok tour trip. I did a blog on that and if anyone wants to see more pictures just click on any of the pictures and you get see more pictures from the trip. I still have to blog about the trip to Chiang Mai. I will do that blog as soon as possible. I just want to show everyone what the university has offer and why USAC is such a great program. I still have blogging about Laos, Vietnam, and Cambodia to chit chat about.

Some of the events that we have done while we are going to RIC is one of the most important event which is the International Day at the RIC. I thought that it was cool that we have everyone from all around the world representing their country. I never new there was so many people from so many country outside of Thailand. I also participate in this event and I was representing the country Laos because it is one of my nationality. We also did our own booth and represent three different country which is Laos, Cambodia, and Hmong. We did a great job on our appetizers. Although our food wasn’t really cultural-like dish, but its like an asian american dish. 🙂 It was a success! Everyone wipe our table clean! We did a club sandwich and fruit cups topped with whipped cream. It was delicious. It was simple yet amazing! Everyone seem to love it because they keep coming back for more. We didn’t even get to serve it to our professors. That’s how great we did it. I’m just kidding. 🙂 Apparently, some people didn’t know that you can eat your fruits with whipped cream. How can they not know that?!?! Its like the best thing ever! 🙂 Then we did the event for the end of the semester for the foreign exchange and USAC student. We all earn certificate for going to school and being apart of the Rangsit University. I got two certificate because I was able to volunteer at a hospital and teach english to the students. I had an amazing time teaching english if I had the chance to do it again, I would say yes in a heartbeat. “Listen to my heartbeat.” 🙂 Just wanted to add that there. 😛 They were students ranging from ages 15 to 30 years old. They are patients that are in the drug rehabilitation program. We also did a ceremony award from them at the end because they complete four weeks of english learning. Going back to the Going Away Party for us they served us plenty of yummy and delicious food and fun performances. Within our class there was many things we can do and participate in like the international day, temple boy where the guys go to the temple and live in the temple for one week then we have english teaching at the drug rehabilitation hospital, we also went to many different field trips for classes like the temple morning market by the Chao Phaya river, meditation at the temple, art gallery show, etc…. There is just so many things to do. Next blog will be about my adventure and experiences through out the three months and the things that happen to my friends and I while in Thailand. Alright, that’s all for tonight! GOOD NIGHT! SWEET DREAMS!

Here is the picture of us at our booth during International Day. I know its a bit crappy but hey everyone still love it!

International Day

Here is the blog about Bangkok Tour. Do check it out. I did not write much, but its more of pictures.

Bangkok Tour

And I upload all my pictures here so if you want to see more pictures and what I have done so far please do check it out here is the site

Minakc’s Flickr